An Ambassador for select Companies and Charities.

Darren has supported many charities and aligned brands throughout his time as an athlete, coach and executive. He’s worked with Andre Agassi’s Foundation as an ambassador for many years and is a patron of the CooriLee Foundation. Darren has been a long time ambassador for the Port Adelaide Football Club, and last year he was appointed to their Board of Directors to further formalise his role is supporting the strategic direction of the club. As a professional coach and mentor, Darren fully embraces the ambassadorial ethos. Coaches, like ambassadors, must be the best example possible. Darren has an exemplary conduct record which spans nearly 4 decades in sport and he’s been a role model throughout his career.

Explore the four key services Darren is currently offering

Coaching – For those wanting to maximise their potential – personalised tennis coaching and mentoring support for high performing athletes, coaches, and executives.
Media – Sports commentator and analyst, tennis media expert and interview specialist.
Ambassador – Product and brand ambassador for select companies and charities.
Speaker – Guest and motivational speaker. Tailored speeches about experiences, insights and inspiration.

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Darren took me to the pinnacle of my sport when most thoughtit was not possible. Through his leadership and friendship we achieved many great feats, and his ability to maximise the true potential within people was again demonstrated. A great leader, motivator, teacher, and friend

Andre Agassi | 8 x Grand Slam Champion