Darren Has Coached Many Different Players – All Have Reached World Number 1

There’s no doubt that Darren Cahill’s coaching achieves results. Darren’s first success was with the young Lleyton Hewitt, then came Andre Agassi and, most recently, Simona Halep. All of these players have achieved the world No. 1 ranking and Grand Slam successes. In addition, Darren was Head Player Development Coach for the Player Development Program created by ADIDAS until 2015. Based in Las Vegas, the role was as much a ‘tennis coaching role’ as it was a ‘manager of people role’. In this role, it was essential to take time to earn the trust of players, coaches and sponsors, and navigate through the stakeholder complexities associated with high potential individuals.

Personalised coaching and mentoring support for high performing athletes, coaches, and executives

Bringing together Darren’s personal skills, experience and communication expertise, Darren is available to assist driven individuals to achieve their potential. This applies to athletes, coaches and executives. Darren’s coaching knowledge and experience has proved to be transferrable across sports and industries, with a growing list of individuals whom have seen their potential translate in to performance under Darren’s mentorship.

Darren is also an active investor in technology solutions to support coaches and athletes. In particular, Darren is actively involved with PlaySight, an integrated technology for coaches and players, where he heads the Player Development team alongside Paul Annacone, Tommy Hass and Ana Ivanovic.

Explore the four key services Darren is currently offering

Speaker  – Guest and motivational speaker. Tailored speeches about experiences, insights and inspiration.
Coaching – For those wanting to maximise their potential – personalised coaching and mentoring support for high performing athletes, coaches, and executives.
Media – Sports commentator and analyst, sports panellist and interview specialist.
Ambassador – Product and brand ambassador for select companies and charities.

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Coaching with Darren Cahill

Darren took me to the pinnacle of my sport when most thoughtit was not possible. Through his leadership and friendship we achieved many great feats, and his ability to maximise the true potential within people was again demonstrated. A great leader, motivator, teacher, and friend

Andre Agassi | 8 x Grand Slam Champion