To train performance athletes is a huge challenge, especially when you encounter powerful and extremely different personalities. How do you adapt your strategy or what tactics do you use to provide the confidence needed for athletes to perform? About all this and a few more, we will tell alongside Darren Cahill on June 15 at the Sports Festival.

Darren Cahill comes to Cluj-Napoca for a master class dedicated to club managers, federations and companies, coaches and performance athletes. In other words, for a meeting dedicated to the entire sports industry for exchange of experience and know-how.

Darren Cahill is a perfect sportsman: a professional tennis player, a successful coach, and a Grand Slam tennis analyst for the global television network ESPN. Darren turned three tennis players into the best athletes in the world. Although extremely different, he managed to adapt the training to bring out the strengths of each player. We are talking about Lleyton Hewit, the first player coached by Darren Cahil, who later became the youngest tennis player in the world ranked 1. Next was Andre Agassi, who became the world’s oldest player in 2003, and what made him extremely popular in Romania was the collaboration relationship he had with Simona Halep. Besides training,

Darren also coached the Australian Davis Cup team, then headed for video analysis, joining Roger Rasheed, Brad Gilbert and Paul Annacone at , a free-to-use training site.

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Darren took me to the pinnacle of my sport when most thoughtit was not possible. Through his leadership and friendship we achieved many great feats, and his ability to maximise the true potential within people was again demonstrated. A great leader, motivator, teacher, and friend

Andre Agassi | 8 x Grand Slam Champion